Know Your Suit

Ready-to-wear or Off-the-rack suits are bought readymade from a store. The vast majority of the world’s suits is now made this way. The biggest benefit of this type is that anyone needing an urgent suit often grabs it on the move, the other benefit is that it’s less expensive (well, not always!). However, because they are mass-produced in a factory, the choice of size, design, colour, texture and fabric is very limited. A READY TO WEAR SUIT NEVER FITS YOUR BODY.

Another option for a business suit is just an extension of readymade. A ready-to-wear suit is adjusted (often at an additional charge) to fit a particular size, thus altering the original shape and cut.

Also known as custom-made or semi-bespoke, this type is made based on your measurements, style, preferences and choice of fabric. We at believe that your body shape is unique and a business suit should be crafted keeping your body shape and preference in mind. Our suit maker takes at least 20 different body measurements, discusses various designs and creates the garment keeping you in mind. All our suits are partly hand-crafted.

An extension of tailor-made or custom-made, this is highly customized and traditional, patiently hand-made hence taking a lot longer time (often 4-6 weeks) for delivery. It undergoes two to three trails before getting its final shape. This is the most expensive category of suits.

Our made-to-measure, partly hand-crafted suits are made using the finest fabric starting from an all-inclusive price of AED 799; without compromising on craftsmanship, fabric quality and service. Well! Our affordability is our USP and we want to keep it a secret!! We ensure nothing is compromised both before and after the suit is delivered.

  • Home service: Why take time out from your busy weekdays or leisurely weekends to visit the tailor? We at ensure that our suit maker meets you at your place and convenience to discuss your need.
  • Superior fit: Clearly, the biggest benefit of our tailor-made suit is the fit. Each time we make your suit we take enough detail to write another whole guide, a good suit should fit like nothing else. It should hug your shoulders, create a clean back, and run in a sharp, flattering line from shoulder to waist.
  • Affordability: We don’t make you sweat in a suit. At we don’t make you pay a fortune to make a suit. Our made-to-measure, partly hand-crafted suit made in the finest fabric starts from an all-inclusive price of AED 799.
  • Longevity: The work that goes into everything from the lining, fusing, to the stitching of the pockets means the suit should last longer than a life time.
  • Total creative control: also offers the opportunity to develop a truly individual garment, not just in shape but in material, detail and finishing. Our experienced tailors also use their knowledge and expertise and have the sense of style to help guide you